1. Are you affiliated with Disney, runDisney or the Walt Disney World Moms Panel in any way? No, I am not, though I’d love to be! 
  2. Do you have to be a mom to apply for the panel? No, there are dads, aunts and others! You just have to have a passion for Disney! I explained why I want to me a ‘MOM’ here.
  3. Do you have to be a serious runner to participate in runDisney events? No, you just need to seriously love fun! Now, I do not recommend going into a long-distance race like a half marathon without training, but runDisney offers lots of different events, like 5K fun runs, kids races and even chEAR squads for those more inclined to party on the sidelines.
  4. Do you offer training plans? Yes! Check out my site here.
  5. What is the email address to send my updated race times for corral placement changes? disneysports@trackshack.com
  6. When can I register for… check each event’s “Registration” page for these dates; there you can also register for email reminders
  7. How can I guest post on your blog? Just shoot me an email! I love sharing other voices and perspectives. Princess Week 2013 was made possible by reader contributions, as well as recaps on other events like the 2013 Expedition Everest Challenge (thanks to Tyler & Lisa), as well as the 2013 #WineDineHalfMeetup! I say, reading and sharing about the events is the NEXT best thing to being there in person!

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