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You Asked…


Earlier this week on the Outrunning the Monorail Facebook page, I posted the following question:

“Running/Disney/Krissy questions? I’m working on a Q+A post soon, so ask away :D”

Now, I did get a few questions – as evidenced above – so here we go!

Lori asked:

We have annual passes to WDW, but they will not be good for visiting the parks during our Dumbo Dare Challenge visit in Disneyland….can we get discounted tickets to the Disneyland parks for either (1) being WDW annual pass-holders -or- (2) because we are running the 10K on Saturday and half-marathon on Sunday?

Great questions, Lori! Although both Disneyland and Walt Disney World share many similarities, ticket media, as you mentioned, is not something that is transferable. Therefore, WDW Annual Passholders are not able to use their ticket at Disneyland, and vice versa. However, depending on how many days you are planning to visit the Disneyland Resort, it could be worth looking into the upgrade to the Premier Passport, which encompasses all domestic Disney theme parks. Current passes can be upgraded for the difference, so take a look at that first to see if it makes sense for your particular situation. Also consider this – depending on your group size, it may be worth upgrading one member of your party to Premier for benefits such as complimentary parking at all parks as well as discounts on vacation packages.

If it does not, there are definitely still options:

  • WDW Annual Passholders do not currently have discounts for Disneyland tickets, though this is always subject to change. Keep your eye on Disneyland’s official site for limited time offers.
  • According to the runDisney website, discounted theme park tickets are available for purchase by calling 407-939-IRUN.
  • And as always, do not hesitate to ask if other affiliations you may be involved in enjoy any other discounts! It never hurts to ask!!

Next up, Josh asked:

OK, I’ll shoot some Krissy questions at you then…First off, do you miss not living in Florida? Also, as you’re a good runner and writer, have you ever considered making a career of either?

Hah! Great questions, Josh! I will tell you what, YES, I do miss living in Florida! I miss being close to the magic, the weather and of course, friends that are like my family. I sincerely would love to come back, even temporarily, but as for now, I’m just going with the flow (like CRUSH!)

Second, WOW, I really appreciate the kind words! I really do enjoy running and writing so it means a lot to be recognized for that passion. I do hope to combine these hobbies/pastimes into a direction that connects them into my career – and working toward the Disney Parks Moms Panel is a pivotal part of that journey!

Thanks again, Lori and Josh for your questions! I enjoyed this opportunity to answer your inquiries and look forward to doing this again soon!


Princess Half Marathon Weekend 2013

it’s almost here!!

The countdown is ON! Just two more days until the 2013 Princess Half Marathon Weekend kicks off at the Walt Disney World Resort!  Along with the signature 13.1 mile race, there are a bevvy of fantastic weekend events for the whole family, including the Royal Family 5K Fun Run, kids races, the ‘Fit for a Princess’ Expo and more!

Although I am not making the trip down this year, (check out my recap from 2012 here) I am INCREDIBLY excited to announce that Outrunning the Monorail will be! Yes, your eyes are not deceiving you – I am pleased to share that a fabulous group of Practically Perfect Princesses will be covering the weekend events – from expo, to races and meetups – and sharing their adventures right here on the blog! It’ll be a week of recaps to remember, so be sure to check back the week of March 10 – 16 for what I am dubbing as the first PRINCESS WEEK! 

Another really cool feature of this year’s princess events is that it’s the FIFTH running – which means special  special perks for those who have run every year in a row, dubbed “Perfect Princesses.” And, of course, NEW BLING! Now, I think last year’s was pretty neat…

Me + last year's medal

Me + last year’s medal

…but would you take a look at 2013’s medal? Tell me that’s not one of the most Princessy-y you’ve ever seen!



This is just ONE of the big things I am looking forward to reading and seeing all about this coming weekend – what fun it will be!

Have you ever run the Princess Half Marathon? 

What is a Meetup (and why should I care)?

What is a Meetup (and why should I care)?

2013 #TinkHalfMeetup on Buena Vista Street

runDisney events have become very popular – and not surprisingly, that popularity has demanded some premium price increases. From race registration costs and special limited-edition merchandise, to vacation packages and more, planning a runDisney racecation – though worth every penny – can easily drain your wallet!


Anyone care for a Dooney & Bourke Tinkerbell Half Purse? (source)

With these mounting costs, it’s easy to see why runners and racers would jump at the chance to participate in a FREE runDisney event.

What, did you say FREE?

Yes, no cost. Nada. Zip. Zilch.

These runDisney meetups that you might have heard of through the grapevine are special events scheduled at the opening of each long-distance (1/2 marathon and up) event and have been done so since the 2010 (Inaugural) Wine and Dine Half Marathon. With each event, word of mouth spread about the excitement of these exclusive and intimate experiences, causing them to fill very quickly.

I have been lucky enough to participate in two of these events:

And from those two magical experiences, I can tell you that each is comprised of this basic outline:

  1. Sign in, gear check, runDisney shirt distribution
  2. Run with Jeff Galloway (and possibly another guest)
  3. Guest Speaker(s)
  4. Other fun surprises (may/may not include: attractions, gift cards or ticket media, other schwag)
runDisney Disneyland meetup

Pic courtesy runDisney

Some other quick facts about the Meetups:

  • Each event lasts about two hours
  • Meetup may or may not include a meal
  • Participants are responsible for their own transportation to/from event
  • Event does not require (or include) park admission
  • Professional photographs are taken by Disney and made available to participants

Now, you may be saying, “sooo, what’s the catch?” Well, although no costs are involved, the current entry process can be a significant investment of time. This post outlines how to get into a meetup and in this post, I share some data collected from twitter about posting patterns, with special thanks to my friend Patty.

Time will tell if the process changes for future runDisney meetups, but as for now, it’s my pleasure to share what I’ve learned.

Have any questions about Meetups? Please share below! And don’t just take MY word for it…check out this incredible directory of recaps from previous events.

Tinkerbell Half Marathon Official runDisney Meetup!


Meetup under the Sorcerer’s Hat!

One of the biggest highlights of my Tinkerbell Half Marathon Weekend was the official runDisney meetup that took place on Friday, January 18th. It was my second meetup experience – the first being the one during the 2012 Wine and Dine Half Marathon Weekend (recap here) but my first out on the West Coast.

Thankfully for me, my brain was still on East Coast time, as the start time for the event was 6:30 AM! Since we were staying at the Villas at the Grand Californian, it was an easy 5-minute walk over through Downtown Disney  to the Disneyland Hotel (side note: I ran into Jeff Galloway on the way over – he walked out of this seemingly secret door – and I had a quick chat with him! What a nice fellow!)

On the walk over I also ran into Shannon, so we chatted a bit before checking in and receiving our cool runDisney tech shirts. There was already quite a crowd (this event had 50 attendees) but quickly I started to see some familiar faces!!


Gathering to hear the meetup plans!

A few introductions were made by the runDisney staff and once everyone was present and accounted for, we handed off our items (the meetups feature a pretty cool bag check sort of feature – which is why they ask in the email to bring minimal items) and headed toward the parks through Downtown Disney! We were going to be doing a run-walk with Jeff Galloway, followed up some undisclosed surprises along the way 🙂

Running past the World of Disney

Running past the World of Disney

Recognize that guy in the blue shorts? Yup! That was Sean Astin, one of the celebrities in attendance at this event. Pretty neat. Well then again, how could you NOT notice him…besides staff and Jeff, this was definitely a female-centric event 😉

Storming the Castle!

Storming the Castle!

Before long, we were running down Main Street USA  in Disneyland and through Sleeping Beauty Castle! I am somewhere in the back here, just taking it all in (it was my first time in Disneyland for this trip, as I had arrived the day before). Once we arrived in Fantasyland, the staff told us that our first surprise was right around the corner!

Tink, herself!

Tink, herself!

Yes! We were able to meet Tinkerbell! That was definitely cool – we broke into smaller groups like these to snap some shots in Pixie Hollow. Also a fun fact: the gentleman standing next to me in the orange shorts was the New Balance rep, and would later speak to the group about their new partnership with runDisney with their special edition shoes  – take a look at Sean’s feet! 😉



After those pics, it was back onto the streets of Disneyland…en route to Disney California Adventure for the next awesome surprise…we got to ride the new attraction, Radiator Springs Racers!!



That was definitely awesome! Since it’s so new, wait times are often an hour or more…but not for us! What a treat!! Oh, and we also got to hang out with these characters 🙂

Hanging out with Mickey and Minnie :)

Hanging out with Mickey and Minnie 🙂

The event wrapped up with a nice breakfast in Napa Rose, where there were guest speakers and a few giveaways (one lucky attendee even won an entry to the event(s) of her choice during the 2013 Disneyland Half Marathon Weekend!)

I really enjoyed this experience and it certainly started off my Tinkerbell Half Marathon Weekend with an extra dose of pixie dust! If you ever have a chance to attend one of these amazing events, definitely go for it! Not sure how? Check out my archived posts here: History and Quick Tips, How to Get in & The Metrics / Social media breakdown guide.

Hungry for more #TinkHalfMeetup goodness??

My sparkly pal Kelly wrote a really great recap here as well and even compiled a great recap list, so check out her post here.

Twitterpatted about getting into the next runDisney meetup?

… well, you’ve come to the right place!

In previous posts, I explained a little history about the meetups, shared some strategy and also recapped an experience…and thanks to popular demand, am back with another exciting chapter in the world of runDisney meetups: their twitter component.


Now, the official twitter is where many will find out about the post going live on the Disney Parks blog, but you asked…what are we looking for on twitter? When can we expect information to be posted? Is there a correlation between ‘teaser’ tweets and actual “go times” on the blog?


Well, glad you asked! Together with my pal Patty (and submitted for your approval…) we’re pleased to present, some twitter investigation…newest to oldest – please note these times are CENTRAL:

2013 Tinkerbell Half Marathon (#TinkHalfMeetUp)

runDisney @runDisney
Do you have your pixie dust? It’s time for the #TinkHalfMeetUp @Disneyland.
Jan 11 @ 1:31pm

runDisney @runDisney
We’re getting closer to #TinkHalfMeetUp time… Make sure and stay tuned to Disney Parks Blog.
Jan 11 @ 1:15pm

runDisney @runDisney
We haven’t forgotten about #TinkHalfMeetUp… have you? Look out later today on the Disney Parks Blog.
Jan 11 @ 11:42

runDisney @runDisney
Sprinkle your pixie dust and look out tomorrow on the Disney Parks Blog for #TinkHalfMeetUp opportunity @Disneyland.
Jan 10 @ 2:28pm

runDisney @runDisney
We have not forgotten about #TinkHalfMeetUp. Look out later this week for our next opportunity tied to #TinkHalf @Disneyland.
Jan 9 @ 7:54pm

2013 WDW Marathon (#WDWMarathonMeetUp)

runDisney @runDisney
The wait is over! The Disney Parks Blog Post for #WDWMarathonMeetUp is now live.
Jan 4 @ 10:33am

runDisney @runDisney
UPDATE: We’re getting close to the time for #WDWMarathonMeetUp post on the Disney Parks Blog.
Jan 4 @ 8:51am

runDisney @runDisney
Tomorrow’s the day. Keep an eye out on the Disney Parks Blog for details to be a part of #WDWMarathonMeetUp.
Jan 3 @ 5:52pm

runDisney @runDisney
The upcoming #WDWMarathonMeetUp is on track to be biggest and best yet. Make sure and stay tuned.
Jan 3 @ 8:34am

runDisney @runDisney
Who wants to attend the upcoming #WDWMarathon Meet-Up? Keep an eye out later this week! #WDWMarathonMeetUp
Jan 2 @ 1:34pm

2012 Wine and Dine Half (#WineDineHalfMeetUp)

We have reached capacity for #WineDineHalfMeetUp with @DietDivaTara. Names will be posted soon on the Disney Parks Blog.
Nov 1 @ 9:12am

runDisney @runDisney
Visit the Disney Parks Blog now for an opportunity to be a part of our #WineDineHalfMeetup.
Nov 1 @ 8:07am

runDisney @runDisney
Don’t miss your chance for the #WineDineHalfMeetUp. Stay tuned and follow the Disney Parks Blog later this morning.
Nov 1 @ 7:19am

runDisney @runDisney
Want to join us for #WineDineHalfMeetUp? Stay tuned for details, and watch the Disney Parks Blog tomorrow.
Oct 31 @ 3:25pm

runDisney @runDisney
Keep an eye out later this week for details on our #WineDineHalf meetup. Is that enough to whet your appetite?
Oct 30 @ 8:19pm

2012 Disneyland Half Marathon (#DLHalfMeetUp)

runDisney @runDisney
Thanks to everyone who submitted RSVPs to the #DLHalfMeetUp. Names are now posted at .
August 17 @ 3:17pm

runDisney @runDisney
It’s ‘Go time’ for #DLHalfMeetUp. Race over to the Disney Parks Blog – – for details.August 17 @ 12:01pm

runDisney @runDisney
UPDATE: Check Disney Parks Blog at 11am PT today for #DLHalfMeetup. Space is limited; don’t be left in the dust. August 17 @ 9:24am

runDisney @runDisney
Do you want to get your engine running for #DisneylandHalf? Keep an eye out on Disney Parks Blog Friday for #DLHalfMeetUp info.
Aug 16 @ 8:40pm

Now, there may not be any scientific backing to our extensive analysis – but it doesn’t hurt to have a little extra help, right? Thanks, Patty for your excellent work!!