The Official runDisney Meetups (part II of II)

ETA: EDITED 7/29/13 to include D23 Expo Fun Run Info!

In the previous installment of this series, I shared some basic information about the official runDisney announcements, as well as a quick primer of how I was able to secure a spot for event associated with the 2012 Wine and Dine Half (recap here).

However, with the rising popularity of these events and rumor that they reach capacity in mere minutes got me thinking…is there a way to analyze a winning strategy to get in? Well, perhaps!

Based on data collected from previous Disney Parks Blog‘s postings, I recorded blog post dates, participant capacity and event dates for each of the weekends that featured meetup opportunities (please note, Expedition Everest Challenge and Tower of Terror 10 Miler weekends do not currently feature meetup events).

What I found in these data patterns surprised me – whereas I would have imagined more of a consistent formula, there was a bit of variance!

Current, as of 7/29/2013 -see new data on D23 Expo Fun Run at the end of the post!

Current, as of 7/29/2013 -see new data on D23 Expo Fun Run at the end of the post!

Another interesting finding was the capacity of participants – 20 at the very first meetup and a record-breaking 100 for the 2013 Walt Disney World Marathon Weekend event.

What can we learn from this amalgamation of facts and figures? There is a sense that we can predict an announcement in the general “one week out range” (the mean “lead time” is 8 days at this point) and based on the information we have now on blog posting, it seems to go online between the hours of 10 AM and 12:30 PM, since the “confirmed” list of participants has historically been posted at approximately 2 PM.

So, what does this all mean? Well, here’s the nitty gritty:

  • If you want to get in to a meetup, you need to have access to a computer, or at the very least, a smart phone / tablet that you are comfortable navigating.
  • As mentioned in the previous post, you’ll want to have your eye on three main things: the Disney Parks Blog, Twitter and your personal email box.

Now, I’ve heard through the grapevine that with yesterday’s blog post for WDW Marathon Meetup, the post was loaded at 12:30 PM and there were some hopefuls that sent their email as early as 12:33 PM that unfortunately did not make the cut! You might be wondering how they could have possibly emailed THAT fast. Well, I am going to let you in on a secret…and this IS a pattern that you can find in the context clues of previous blog posts:

  • For Walt Disney World (Orlando, FL) events, the email address is
  • For Disneyland (Anaheim, CA) events, the email address is

IMPORTANT: Send only ONE email – the only information you need in the body of the email is your full name! Do NOT send from multiple email accounts or you may be disqualified.

Phew! Was that enough dorky Disney data for you today? Haha, have no fear, I will surely return with even more (and provide updates to this data as it comes in) but I also have another trick up my sleeve – a sort of ‘recap directory’ from bloggers near and far, to provide insight to you all about what you might expect from one of these meetups  >> HERE IS THE LINK for that –  after all, it’s the magical experience that is driving us all to get in!

**NEW INFORMATION, as of 2013 Princess Half Marathon**

  • Princess Half Meetup tweets occurred in usual pattern the week before the race weekend – however, after @runDisney had tweeted to look out on Friday, 2/15 – news was delivered that afternoon that the announcement would be delayed until Monday, 2/18.
  • The Meetup blog post was published on the Disney Parks Blog at 2:30 AM, EST.
  • The Meetup blog post was updated with the ‘capacity filled’ message at 9:00 AM, EST.
  • Emails were sent at approximately 10 AM, EST.
  • List of attendees was published at 10:30 AM, EST.

**NEW INFORMATION, as of 2013 D23 Expo**

This was a new event added for 2013, and featured a potential smaller base of possible attendees, as all meetup hopefuls had to also be D23 members. This fun run will take place on Friday, August 9, 2013.

  • The Meetup blog post was published on the Disney Parks Blog at 2:51 PM, EDT.
  • The Meetup blog post was updated with ‘capacity filled’ message at 3:10 PM, EDT.
  • Emails were sent at approximately 5 PM, EDT.
  • List of attendees was published before 6 PM, EDT.

What are your tips and tricks for landing highly coveted event invitations and opportunities?

15 thoughts on “The Official runDisney Meetups (part II of II)

  1. Michelle

    I’ve been very lucky that I got into two recent events hosted by the Disney Parks Blog. The first time–you (you sweet thing!) told me about it on Twitter. That was for the Be Our Guest meet. I thought I was late to the game by the time I saw your tweet, but I made the cut. For the Splitsville meetup, I new which day they were going to announce it and I literally stalked Twitter and the Disney Parks Blog website non-stop, but that was because I had the time to do it. I also kept Facebook up just in case, and I was lucky because they announced it on Facebook before it went live on Twitter or the blog. Not sure I’ll have this same luck getting into future events, but this has worked for so far!

    1. krissy m. murphy Post author

      Michelle – thanks so much for sharing your tips! I am so glad you’ve been able to get into these awesome meetup events because through your blog, I definitely feel like I was right there with you, experiencing these cool moments! 😀

      I get to see you SOOOOOON!

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  6. Twins Run

    Even after our 8 hour refresh-athon on Friday, we missed out on the Princess Half Marathon Meet-Up announcement this morning because we woke up late. I guess when they say “you snooze, you lose!” they are right. 😦

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