The Official runDisney Meetups (part I of II)

ETA Tinkerbell 2013 link, 2/14/13.

If you understand the meaning behind this image, you’re already runDisney-obssessed:


See, in September 2010 as part of the roll out of the brand-new Wine and Dine Half Marathon weekend, runDisney announced a new enhancement to race weekends: an opportunity to join in for the first exclusive meetup with Jeff Galloway, runDisney training consultant and former Olympian.

Not surprisingly, the event was a smashing success, which led to a series of pre-race weekend meet-ups:

Now, there are a few things you need to know about these events: first of all, they’re FREE. Seriously! But here’s the catch, you have to have extremely fast fingers! I participated in the most recent meetup (Wine and Dine Half – here’s my recap) and the post on Disney Parks Blog was uploaded at 10:10 AM Eastern Time – I raced over to GMail and sent off my email ASAP…thankfully, I got in, but with event caps (this one was 40) it’s difficult to say how much time you actually have to get in!

So, how do you get in to these exclusive events? Here’s a quick guide:

  1. Follow the runDisney twitter feed > HERE. This is where the runDisney team tweets out announcements/teasers about upcoming events and historically, a tweet is sent out here before posted on the Disney Parks Blog.
  2. Keep an eye on the Disney Parks Blog > HERE.This is where the announcement will be made (see above links of past event posts).
  3. Have your email provider ready! Since the inception of these meetups, the process has been simple – wait for the blog post, email the address in the body of the post and…wait.
  4. Be patient. It’s HARD! I know, you have NO idea of when the post is going to be made and even when it is, you have to wait to see if you were quick enough!

Stay tuned for part two of this “The Official runDisney Meetup” series, where we’ll discuss winning strategy and increasing your chances of participating!

Have you participated in a runDisney meetup? Which one?

17 thoughts on “The Official runDisney Meetups (part I of II)

  1. Pam

    These meetup emails are giving me high blood pressure! I spent a day and a half glued to the computer, afraid to even go to the bathroom. Yay, both of us are going next week, but I feel badly for those not selected. Good luck with the Tink meetup. We want to hear all about it!

    1. krissy m. murphy Post author

      Thanks, Pam! I really hope I get in to Tink. As much as I would love to attend them all, I would be perfectly content to be able to say I went to one on each coast 😀

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