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T-12 days

Bucket List Item #12…

Enjoy an Avocado Margarita at La Cava del Tequila!

This experience has been on my Walt Disney World bucket list for quite some time and I just found it to be EXTREMELY fitting today, on New Year’s Eve!

I was all ready to experience my very first AVOCADO MARGARITA at La Cava del Tequila during the 2012 Princess Half Marathon Weekend but much to my dismay, it was SOLD OUT then! I was devastated! But really, how could I blame those souls that had visited before me, especially with a description like this:

El Mayor premium silver Tequila, melon liqueur, fresh avocado, agave nectar and fresh lime juice, served frozen with a hibiscus Himalayan salt rim

Of course, I wasn’t too broken up about it then (after all, I still was able to experience the Jalapeno version, which was definitely awesome) and on our last trip, during Food and Wine Festival, there were simply WAY too many other food and drink to experience. This avocado margarita experience demands its own, singular bucket list moment – and I cannot wait to do that on this next trip!

Where do you go for your favorite drink, alcoholic or otherwise?

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T-13 days

Bucket List Item #13…

Visit Wreck-it Ralph and Vannellope Von Schweetz at Disney’s Hollywood Studios.

On November 2, 2012, you better believe that I was the first one in line to see Wreck it Ralph at our local theater! I had heard lots of great buzz around this latest animated release and I have to say, I was definitely impressed with the story, animation and soundtrack.

As soon as we walked out of the theater, I had two thoughts:

  • “When will be my first opportunity to dress like Vannellope?” (answer: here)
  • “How soon can I give Ralph a BIG hug?”

So, imagine my pure excitement when my friend Theresa sent me pictures she found all over the internet about the new meet and greets in the Disney Parks! At Walt Disney World, these unlikely pals can be found at Disney’s Hollywood Studios (at the Magic of Disney Animation) and that is exactly where I intend to march right over to on Tuesday, January 15th, my tentatively designated DHS day 🙂

Who is your favorite Disney character?

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T-14 days

Bucket List Item #14…

Character Breakfast at Cape May Cafe!

Dining with the Disney characters is just one of the special experiences you can only enjoy on your Disney Parks (or Disney Cruise Line) vacation. While it could be argued that these dining experiences are “just for kids,” I really enjoy the experience, with little ones around, or not! Plus, it’s an excellent opportunity for some great pictures!

In the past, I have dined at a handful of Walt Disney World Character Dining Locations (see this list for all options) and I have enjoyed each one! Although my current favorite is 1900 Park Fare at the Grand Floridian Resort & Spa, I am excited to experience Cape May Cafe for the first time on this race-cation.

Featuring Goofy, Donald Duck and Minnie Mouse in their beachy/swim gear, this all-you-care-to-eat experience is held at the Beach Club Villas in the Epcot Resort Area. I am so thankful to be staying at that beautiful resort for half of my vacation (the other half will be at Bay Lake Tower, adjacent to the Magic Kingdom) and look forward to this dining experience the day after running the Walt Disney World Marathon!

Have you ever dined with the characters? If so, where? And if not, who would YOU want to eat with?

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T-15 days

Bucket List Item #15…

Visit Storybook Circus.

Home to the iconic Disney attraction: Dumbo the Flying Elephant and much, much more, the “new” Storybook Circus is – from what I have seen in photographs – a grand re-imagineered vision of what used to be Mickey’s Toontown Fair.

Along with Goofy’s Barnstormer and the colorful circus tents, this new extension of the new Fantasyland adds a new dimension of story (or so I have heard) and I’m really excited to just wander this new area…and maybe meet some Disney characters along the way!

Have you visited Storybook Circus? What’s your favorite part?

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T-16 days

Bucket List Item #16…

Experience Limited Time Magic!

In 2013, Disney Parks will be celebrating something new called (you guessed it) Limited Time Magic! During this celebration, special unexpected experiences will pop up all around the Disney theme parks and are only announced the week before! Therefore, I have NO idea what special extras might be happening January 12-17, when I will be visiting…and that’s kind of exciting! Some examples that have been alluded to include: special character greetings, holiday-related celebrations (i.e. Valentine’s Day, 4th of July…) and even themes like Villains or other popular culture / entertainment segments.

According to the Disney Parks Blog, we can expect to hear more very soon (December 28, tomorrow!!!!) so I am anxious to see what it’s all about.

Are you excited about Limited Time Magic? If you could create YOUR own special experience, what would it entail?

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The Countdown is ON!

Hey everyone!

Here in Outunning the Monorail world, it’s just SEVENTEEN days until the super epic journey of my 2013 Coast to Coast adventure begins!

To commemorate this exciting countdown, I’ll be posting my bucket list of things I hope to accomplish on my East Coast end of the adventure, as I’ll be staying in Walt Disney World for six glorious days – and to make it more fun, I’ll post one item a day, to build excitement!

I have to admit, 5 out of the 17 items on my list are related to food, but hey, I’ll be running at least 42.4 miles over the course of the week (Walt Disney World Marathon plus Tinkerbell Half Marathon plus the Neverland 5K Family Fun Run) so why not live it up a bit, right? 😉

So without further ado, I present to you…Bucket List Item #17:

Attend Meet Ups!

On Facebook, I am involved in several super fun Disney / runDisney related groups. Although many of the meet-ups related to the Walt Disney World Marathon Weekend take place before I arrive (I am getting in on Saturday, Marathon Eve) I hope to attend as many as I possibly can.

Due to my late arrival, I will also miss out on any official runDisney meet-ups (see my post on the Wine and Dine event here) but am crossing my fingers for a Tink opportunity – and either way, I will surely get to meet with some pals that DO get the chance!

Have you ever attended a fan meet-up or gathering? What are some of YOUR Walt Disney World bucket list experiences?

The Mystery of the 2013 Tower of Terror 10-Miler…

In 2012, runDisney brought back a fan favorite race: a nighttime event that featured an after-hours villians-themed party at Disney’s Hollywood Studios, called the Twilight Zone Tower of Terror 10-Miler Weekend.

Although it was titled as an inaugural event, (and it technically was, for the new distance of 10-miles) it was actually a re-branding of the former 13K event that was originally held in 2007, (for the 13th anniversary of the attraction that shares the title) 2008 and 2009 (more here).

Since I personally did not begin my own running journey until 2010, I unfortunately missed out on any of the Tower of Terror action – and when I had my opportunity this past year, I opted to run the Wine and Dine Half Marathon instead. Turns out, it was a pretty good decision, as many blogged of the high temperatures and humidity of the event this year (Running at Disney, Jamie Miles, Mama of All Trades)!

Still, I am a runDisney fan true and true and as a former resident of Central Florida, I realize that the fall weather can be very unpredictable – so after I found the date (September 27-28) for the 2013 event in my Wine and Dine race program, I tentatively penciled it in and got the ‘okay’ from hubby to plan for it.


All was well…well, until runDisney released the WDW Marathon race program:


…hmm, notice anything different? I sure do! October! And just that, October. No dates! Very curious…I thought, hey maybe it’s a typo….until a week later when the Tinkerbell Half Marathon program was released:


More October! Very interesting…and this this week, BIG NEWS broke about a brand new race offering on the West Coast…a 10K added to the 2013 Disneyland Half Marathon weekend line up:

So with this new race, it seemed to make sense, perhaps the spacing was to allow runDisney planners some more time to get things into place and maybe even allow more runDisney fans to participate in more events than they might been planning to do.

Now, I have to admit, the news of the 10K addition to Disneyland PLUS a brand new ‘Dumbo Dare’ challenge is definitely enticing me to head back out to California in late August, though I had originally only planned on Tinkerbell in 2013. Still, I am anxious to see what happens with the Tower of Terror 2013 date…I suppose we’ll find out soon, as Walt Disney World Marathon Weekend is just 20 days away and I am sure I am not the only one with unanswered questions!

Are you running a runDisney event next year? How did you choose the right one for you?