Why I want to be a Disney “MOM.”

Me and my mom on the “Around the World” Segway Tour, 2009 – part of my 2012 applicant video!

Since I created this blog, I’ve received so many wonderful and positive notes of support and encouragement from dozens of people that I have not yet met.It really has been an honor sharing my adventures – from sharing the anxiety, to offering a sneak peek into the process and even learning a little bit more about the Walt Disney Company itself!

But there’s only ONE question from people I already know that keeps getting asked:

Don’t you have to be a mom?”

To this, I’ve offered many explanations – from explaining the overall objective of the Moms Panel, to putting my own story into perspective – but the more I thought about it, the more I realized it would be a fantastic subject to blog about.

So here it goes…

  • While it is INDEED called the Disney MOMS Panel, this talented group of individuals is comprised of many different kinds of people – from moms, to dads, aunts – anyone with a passion for Disney and the drive to help others.
  • I like to think of MOM as not only the title of some pretty cool ladies (my mom definitely topping the list) I also think of it as an acronym for Maker of Magic! Whether you’re helping guests plan an awesome vacation or suggesting a tip to preserve family memories, being a MOM is all about sharing your love!!
  • Although I currently do not have any little ones to call my own (not even furry ones) – ETA: this has changed, as of 2013, we adopted DUG! – that does not mean I never will – in fact, I am incredibly excited at the idea of planning our first vacation as a family larger than two one day – and the connections made now with the many MOMs from all walks of life now will surely prove priceless in years to come.

In a nutshell, I truly believe that my unique perspective as a Disney fan, daughter, wife, friend, runner and former cast member all complement my definition of MOM! As we move forward through the application process, I am as proud as ever to be participating in it all – with or without kids of my own 🙂

Tell me about your family!

11 thoughts on “Why I want to be a Disney “MOM.”

  1. Ali

    Thanks for explaining! I love your acronym, and am rooting for you to make the panel. Thank you so much for documenting the process, it’s really fascinating! 🙂

  2. Pam

    Love the photo of you with your Mom! Your enthusiasm and attitude make you the perfect candidate for the Mom’s panel. I hope they know about this blog….how could they NOT pick you? Good luck!

    1. krissy m. murphy Post author

      Thank you, Pam! We had SO much fun that day!! 🙂

      I appreciate your endorsement – means a lot coming from an awesome Disney MOM/mom like yourself!

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