The Waiting Game.

Perhaps the most challenging part about applying for the WDW Moms Panel is the Waiting Game.

In 2011, I applied on September 12 – then waited until October 8 to hear that I had made it to Round 2.

The 2012 Moms Panel Application Round 2 Notification Email

This year was very similar. I submitted the first Round application on September 10 and received my Round 2 email on October 12.

The 2013 Moms Panel Application Round 2 Notification Email

Both years, advancing to Round 2 proved to be a very exciting experience! But along with that, meant the next step…which I will share in an upcoming post!

Are you a patient person? How do you keep your mind off of waiting?


2 thoughts on “The Waiting Game.

  1. Laurel

    The answer to your question is NO I am not patient in the least!!! Just wanted to say thank you for taking the time to post all of this, I never knew how extensive the application process was, how many applicants there were, and it’s all fascinating! Good luck, you’re gonna nail this!!!!!

    1. krissy m. murphy Post author

      Hahah! I know what you mean about patience πŸ™‚ I am patient about some things and terrible about others! Putting this blog together has really helped me focus my energy in a positive way πŸ™‚


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